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Monday, 29 October 2007

Nip Tuck

I never really followed this series until recently. I don't even know what season it is in now but in today's episode, Dr. Christian Troy is just so mean.

I mean, yeah, he's good looking and all. I used to think that since he appeared in Charmed as Cole. Haha.. funny how he's always the slightly evil character. Maybe it's his look. Bad guys always look more dashing.

Dr. Troy was lefted at the altar by the woman he loved in the previous episode. And he's heartbroken. I think he's finally loved someone and to be left by someone you truly love.... sigh. Well, but the way he tries to get over it, by humiliating others and stripping others off their self-esteem. That's just so mean.

The way he asked a girl to put a brown paper bag over her head so that he can't see her face when he makes love to her. I pity the girl. But she seems fine over it. haha..I'm not into sadomachoism. Maybe that's why I think he's mean.

But what truly disturbs me is the scene where they show Kimber being locked up, face mutilated and forced to write Christian a letter saying she chose career over him. It disturbs me to see a person who loves so much being tortured. I really wish I can jump into that fictional world and save her.

A pity I can't. But who knows, sad things like that may really be happening somewhere in our world.



subu said...

love the reference to my so-called life. that was my favorite show. i was so sad when they cancelled it...

AngelicQuirk said...

they cancelled it?

It's still showing here at the moment. I'm just hoping Kimber will be saved. I've begun to like her for her unconditional love towards Christian.