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Saturday, 27 October 2007

What would you do if...

Your boyfriend (or girlfriend) cheats on you? What if they have someone else out there besides you? What would you do if you do eventually find out?

Someone I know actually cheats back. Hmmm. Her rationale? Well, since he can do it, why can't I? It's only fair.

And when I asked her why not just leave him, she said she knows that eventually they will end up together. huh? What kind of thinking is that?

If a guy (or girl) can cheat on you once, they can do it again. In whichever stage of the relationship. Do you really want to share your other half with someone else? Knowingly doing so?

I don't think I can. If Dear ever has another 'relationship' outside of ours that ain't anything platonic, I would call it quits. Because I know I won't cheat on him and if he does, then he doesn't deserve my love for him anymore. Why share? This is one thing I think no one should share. And there's no point in taking 'revenge' by going out with someone else. Who feels the hurt? Is that what you really want? Moreover, on moral grounds, I don't think that's a very right thing to do too. But then again, everyone has differing opinions on what's moral and not. So, I should just shaddup and go to bed.. haha.

Well, this is purely my opinion, but if someone cheats on you, leave the relationship. It is not going to be worth it unless both are committed to each other.

Yes, I do flirt. I enjoy doing that. It is my confidence booster, sometimes :P Dear knows about this. He knows I flirt. But he also knows that's about all I will do.

Tell me, what would you do?



moonfish said...

It is subjective.

Your friend might think it is not easy for her to find another person to live with. I bet she already know if she can do this to him because of his stupidity, there's no reason for her to be an angel even if she found someone else in the future. She just proved the theory of I want you to live in guilt, therefore I return the favour (exactly how way you treated me).

Anyway, I know many couples who succeeded in their failed relationship. So, don’t give up on them yet, they are still learning.

AngelicQuirk said...

Well, I guess you're right on it being subjective. But I wish I can let her know that there's always someone else out there, who will be better deserving her love and vice versa.

I felt lost too when I first broke up and thought I won't find someone else but that's not true. And one friend reminded me that no matter how many times you broke up, still, there will be someone better than the last waiting for you somewhere.

haha.. but maybe like you said, Moonfish, it is subjective :)

viper said...

I would give up on my other half if her heart is no longer with mine. Simple as that ;)