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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

My first blogspot post

My very first post on Blogspot :) Been blogging and cataloging my life in Multiply mostly but there are certain restrictions which annoy me. I can't seem to find out how I can put up widgets and have since given up :P

I will still be blogging there, albeit in less consistency than I used to . Will still be posting photos there. Haven't tried flikr yet. Haha.. If I get addicted to flikr then maybe even less posting in Multiply? I don't even dare peek at Facebook. Received a few invites to join but, nah, I don't need that much attention.

*rolls eyes*

In my little space here, I will be blogging about the happenings in my life,
the companion whom I'm going to spend all my life with, the job that feeds me (hopefully not for long :P ), the things that tickles my funnybones, things that infuriates the h*ll out of me, my love for all things beautiful, my thirst for financial freedom, my quest to get there, pundits on local happenings, drawing, crafting and more crafting.

This is my space. You can comment but this is my outlet of expression. Not yours :)


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