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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

{Father's Day Card} Order Status : Complete

Finally completed the order for Father's Day Cards :) My friend wanted 3 similar ones so that it's fair for her father, father-in-law and her husband. But cos I ran out of purple cardstock, the blue one will be for her husband cos it's more special :P

Oh, she chose the design from my album in facebook. You can choose the design from here too. Just look for the type of cards you want under 'labels'.

I will most probably add a little extra details for the blue card for added oomph. The inside of the card says, "happy father's day" :)

Code : AAL0003
Status : Sold! (custom order based on AAL0003)
Price : RM 11.90 (USD 3.50) each

Hope she likes it :)



Anonymous said...

I bet they will love them, great job.

Quirky said...

Thanks dearie :)

Amelia said...

hey evelin,

wanna ask you what oftware did you used to watermark your photos. i need one too.

Quirky said...

am using Picasa...very easy to use. Just download online :)

Yanitza Ramos said...

Hi Quirky,

Thanks for your nice comments about my card! And hey, yours are terrific too! I'll try to pop in more often ;)