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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sweet Pink Thank You Card

My brother and his gang are organizing a "Farewell" sorta gathering for our ex-lecturers in our alma mater this coming Saturday and I've been commissioned to make cards for them!

Am supposed to make 2 for lady lecturers and another 2 for male lecturers. It's easier for me to make feminine ones. The masculine ones would be a challenge. Here's one that I've made. Am posting it up first.

Code : TY0006
Status : Sold! (but can be reproduced max. 2 times/alternative : same design other colours)
Price : RM 12.90 (USD 4)

Now, I've to rush and make a Congratulations Card for Hubby. His colleague is getting married. He wants the card for tomorrow! It's 11 pm now... I had better get crackin' !!

Will blog again soon.... am losing sleep making cards but am lovin' it a whole lot too!! :D



~MoMo*Chin~ said...

oh... i like this very much...SWEET!!!

~MoMo*Chin~ said...

oh... i like this very much...SWEET!!!

Quirky said...

Yup..the colour very sweet, right?

~MoMo*Chin~ said...

i love all the cards u made for eugene!!! remember to keep photos for them yeah.. coz i might need u to reproduce them.. hehe..

Savitri said...

This is very sweet! Love the pink!!!

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! I didn't know somebody would be missing my cards :P

Have a great weekend!!!

Quirky said...

Momo*, don't worry, I took pictures already :)

Savitri : Thanks! And yes, I MISSED your cards! :)