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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Shopaholic anonymous? I hope not :P

One of our pastor's wife just gave birth to a very adorable baby girl! Very cute little baby. Can't wait to see her in church! :)

I made this card for the little family incorporating 365 Card's challenge for Day 114, Lovin' Lavender. I just swiped this lovely pack of Bazill paper (5 shades of purple) last Sunday and it's just perfect to use cos it has the colour I need for this challenge!

Cute, right? :)

Code : CC0005
Status : Can be remade :)

And what's this about shopaholic anonymous?

Well, to put it simply, I've been buying too much craft stuff lately. From paper packs, patterned papers, punchers and stamps (LOADS of them!) to brads, flowers and ribbons.

Darn, I really must stop this shopaholic trend before I seriously make a big dent on my savings :P

Am gonna be really serious about not making any purchases in all the craft shop I visit until August! I just have to stop buying anything for a month. Cold turkey!! HAHA... my hubby's definitely going to bet that I can't do it.

We'll see ya? I really do have a lot of stuff to use at my disposal now. I H-A-V-E to just stop purchasing craft stuff for ONE month.....

*it kinda sounds like I have to register myself in to shopaholic anonymous* :P



~amy~ said...

such a sweet baby card!

Gloria Stengel said...

Nice job with the purple. That lamb is adorable.

I wish you luck with your shoppers anonymous. I am a failed member of that club...many times over! LOL

Quirky said...

Gloria, I'm failing as I type this....

*smiling sheepishly*