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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Custom Orders... interesting challenge

My friend called me up and requested some specific cards sometime last week. He has so many requests about one of the cards, I was so worried I can't fulfill them!

What he wanted was based on what I have done before but with A LOT of modifications :P

Well, I would have wanted to improve on the designs anyway and so I did, with the 'Wishing you rainbows' card. I totally changed the cardstock used and the patterned paper. He wanted a rainbow and a sun instead of 2 rainbows, so here it is! I'm lovin' this. Oh, I made it bigger than the original design this card was based on as well, cos he said he has a lot of things to write.

Made this late into the night yesterday.

Code : AO0013
Status : Custom Order!
Price : RM 13.90

And then there's another card he wanted me to make that requires me to look high and low for a picture of a dragon and that of a tiger! He's born in the year of the Dragon and the girl he likes, year of the Tiger (if I didn't get it wrong :P )

In the end, what I did was hand-draw the images, as I couldn't find any to print out. I did look at samples online to draw this (I'm not a genious) and then coloured them in.

After he told me the images he wanted, he called me again (last week) to say he wanted to include a pocket/envelope inside the card as he has a gift he wanted to give to the girl.....

One thing I can say is, he really challenges me to make something I have not attempted to... yet.

So, I included an envelope inside the card.....

And of course, he wants to tell the girl that he loves her (and admits it too) :)

Code : AAL0009
Status : Custom Order
Price : RM 21.00

What do you think?



viper said...

The tiger is so cute!

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