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Friday, 5 June 2009

Cute Cards.... mini versions :)

Was in the mood to make some mini cards (3x3 inches) yesterday and made these two! :)

I think they are cute.... wish I had the plaid paper earlier when 365 Cards threw a challenge to create a card with plaid >.<

If you're thinking of purchasing my mini cards, do drop me an email at angelicquirk@gmail.com/ leave a comment here or on the chatbox.

They don't come with an envelope, though, but you might not need it if you want to attach it direct on the gift or leave it somewhere for the intended recipient to find! :)

Code : TY0005
Status : Available!
Price : RM 4.90 (USD 1.50)

Code : TY0004
Status : Available!
Price : RM 5.90 (USD 1.80)



fabricbutterfly said...

Great job, I really love the hearts, I looked at your 365 make up cards, and they are wonderful, I just don't have time to comment on both. The ad inspired one is fabulous. Great job.

Quirky said...

Thanks fabricbutterfly! :)
You're very sweet!