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Friday, 19 June 2009

Rain... I love rain!

Woke up to a rainy morning just now.... I can hear the rain outside. I love hearing the rain pouring. I mean, I find it troublesome to get out of the house or walk around in pouring rain, but when I snuggled up under my blanket, I rally love the rain! :P

Also when I don't have to go out anywhere. The rain falling on roofs, cars, ground.... the sound of it is so soothing.

It's something everyone is looking forward to at this moment too, I guess. The weather's been scorching hot and with the el Nino and what nots, I thought more trees were going to wilt but thank GOD for the rain!

Just gonna post up this mini card I made sometime back but have not posted. I have many more mini cards that I've not posted.. hehe.. lack of time. I must find the time to post the photos.

Oh, and there's the Thank You cards I made for my brother's gang for our retiring lecturers last week. I will post those up by today!

For now, I want to attempt to make a few cards based on 365 Cards :)



teacher jessy said...

Such a pretty card!! Are those flowers stamped?

Quirky said...

yes they are! But then I coloured them in :D