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Monday, 22 June 2009

Posting Thanks

As promised, I am posting the other 3 Thank You cards my brother got me to make for our ex-lecturers. (Yes, my brother and I share the same alma mater and the same lecturers too because he studied the same degree course as me! :D )

It really was fun going back to college to visit them. One thing I must say is, I think they have not aged a bit! My lecturers still look the same! :)

My brother's batch ACB'05 (I'm from ACB'03) even prepared slide presentations to help prepare the current batch of students better understand what awaits them after graduation. I was asked if I wanted to share some of my working experience as well, impromptu!

They didn't expect me to be there and frankly, I was a bit lazy to go but I am SO glad I did. And if you can guess it, I did go to the podium and speak to the students. Managed to scribble some key points on what I wanted to say. Hopefully I delivered my thoughts well enough :) It was my way of giving back to my lecturers.







Will probably post up photos from the 'going back to College' trip soon :)



Anonymous said...

Great cards, I just love the tiling that you did or "inchies" what ever you prefer, great, great job.

Quirky said...

It's called 'inchies'? I didn't know! Cute!