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Friday, 19 June 2009

About a Ram and a Horse

Update : Does the card below count as paper piecing? I am still learning & am not sure. Kindly advice :) Thanks!

I received this order from Hubby's friend about a week ago. He wanted a very special card for the one he loves.

We corresponded through emails and he listed down the things he wanted on the card.

I felt that it was a daunting task putting all his requirements on the card and also the style he mentioned he or she likes.

Up till now, I am not sure if he will like the card I made for his special someone. It's challenging for me to draw everything I wanted to use for this card. It's more like a collage than a card, don't you think?

I hope it tells the story of their love as much as possible.

The moment of truth will only be revealed when the girl receives the card. Will she go, 'Oh, this is lovely!' or ' ....... ' .

the words that speaks volumes

Code : AAL0010

Status : Custom Order!
Price : RM 25.00



fabricbutterfly said...

what a GREAT card, she just plain better like it:)

Quirky said...

Thanks, dearie! :)

teacher jessy said...

Such a cute card!!

~~Audrey~~ said...

Did you drew the images??? They are fabulous! It's a great card! And it certainly does tell a story esp the well-known landmarks in the background!

scrapperjulia said...

This is a fabulous card! No worries about her loving it!

~amy~ said...

good grief...you drew everything? What a magnificent card...it's absolutely romantic!

Vicky said...

you drew all of this!?? that's amazing! what an incredible work of art. she is absolutely going to love this!!

Kristen said...

Great card! Yes, this is paper piecing, anytime you cut a shape with your paper as a layer it is paper piecing. Or, if you were to stamp a women with a dress (for example) on white paper, color her skin and hair etc, then re-stamp her on patterned paper and then cut the dress out of the patterned paper and glue it on to the white paper, that too is paper piecing. I did both ways on mine. Also die-cuts count when you layer different papers for all the elements.
Your drawings are wonderful to look at. And a fun card to boot!!!

Alicia said...

WOW! This is fantasic! I love the little ponies and they look so in love! I think it gets the point across quite well!! Great job!

Kim said...

Fantastic Card! I'm sure she will treasure it!!!

One4Joy said...

so dear, and how could his intended not fall in love all over again! I love your take on it

Vianna said...

It's fabulous! The only thing better would be if he had made the card himself ... but you are very, very talented!