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Friday, 12 June 2009

What I've been up to :)

I'm usually quite a slow card-maker.... I take my time to conceive the idea for card layout, papers to match, sentiments to go along with it and so forth....

But I was really pressed for time the last 3 days and I managed to make 8 cards in 3 nights! Not too bad :)

Some experienced crafters will say that 8 cards is a piece of cake but well, I'm still an amateur and I've only got from 8.30 pm (or 9pm) till midnight to craft! I've got to work daytime :)

Been neglecting my hubby cos I don't have time for him :P Have to make it up to him this weekend...

Oh, that doesn't mean I will skip crafting.. haha. I have a whole week's worth of sketches from 365 to dabble in, 2 orders to complete and I need to look for some images online to fulfill a customer's request. I wish I have the stamps but .... well, I don't think stamp-makers make every kind of stamp there is in the world, right? :P

Will be posting up the rest of the cards I've made the last few nights.

Stay tuned ~~



Savitri said...

Goodness, 8 cards in 3 nights? Wow, that's quite a bit!! No, even though I'm not speedy in the card making department I do sometimes neglect my husband too and have to make it up to him. But, all is great. He's got his own hobby too :P

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