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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

In need of some light

...... like seriously.

The next thing on my list of things to buy will have to be a table lamp!

Most of the time, I only get to do my crafting at night and I am not getting enough sunshine shining down on me as I work :) It makes cutting small corners a bit of a hassle & of course, I know it won't be good in the long run for my eyes.

Was table lamp hunting last night but I couldn't find any that is nice and works well. I want white light. None of those yellow, dim light. I don't know how people work or read with yellow light. Guess I'm just not used to it :)

Anyone of you know where to get a decent table lamp? Those with white light, k? :)

Something like the one in the picture below...?

picture from Amazon.com


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