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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day is around the corner.....

So, I made these 2 cards yesterday. I know it's a little bit late but I am accepting orders till 5th April, Tuesday @ 6pm. Orders will be closed from then so that I can complete the orders.

MD0001 RM 15

MD0002 RM 15

You have 2 designs to choose from. MD0001 & MD0002. I will try to accommodate if you want different shades of colours. That will depend on the cardstock I have available.

Cards will be ready by Friday for collection :)

Thanks and Happy Monday.



Orders can be made by emailing me at angelicquirk@gmail.com.

Cards measures 4.5" by 6" and comes with matching envelopes in a protective plastic sheet.



Shelyn said...

Hi Evelyn,

Very lovely cards. I used to make the scrapbooks using those materials also but they cost me a pretty penny.

Can I suggest you to upload your photos to Photobucket so you can post bigger pictures in your blog to be more eye-catching. Photobucket slideshow is a trick also.

Besides, by naming your pictures with eg. 'Handmade Mother's Card' and upload it to Photobucket, it increases the chances to be googled.

Lastly, I think the design of the templates from this website http://www.giselejaquenod.com.ar/blog/blogger-templates/ are very suitable for your blog theme.

You might be aware of all these, but just 2 cents worth. :-)


Quirky said...

Thanks, dearie... I have a flikr account that I seldom use. Will that work?

Am trying to improve my blog as I move along. I know there's a lot of limitations at the moment.

Appreciate your comments & ideas :) And yes, they cost a VERY pretty penny... :P