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Friday, 1 May 2009

Time for a break

Time to take a break. A breather from daily happenings.

Thank GOD for a long weekend.

I can indulge in card-making and browsing the internet for more ideas.

Photo taken on journey back from hometown

Well, I will need to catalogue my cards and to keep a record of the measurements and designs, as well, in my Moleskine.

Am trying to be more systematic.

At least I will have something to refer to in the future should I want to create a design previously done.

I have made so many cards recently *prouds of self..finally*. Had one custom design sold and one more to be picked-up this weekend. More orders/sales to come? :)



Moonfish said...

Systematic? Oooooo~~~ That's a challenge for me. Good luck and have fun with card making :)

Much love.. xxx

Quirky said...

hehe..it is a challenge for me too. I am a superb contradiction :P I can be super organized and super un-organized too :P

Miss you... maybe call you out one of the weeknights or weekend? I think we have a super overdue coffee session..HEHE