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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

CP Sketch #13

Headache and low blood pressure kept me at home today. Slept almost the whole day but decided that I should at least do something and not while the whole day away so.....

I made a card :)

Have been following Card Pattern's blog since last month, I think and this is the first time I'm participating in their Sketch. Making a card based on a ready sketch is challenging but in a way helps as well. Maybe I'm inexperienced so I still took a very long time to complete this card. But I'm loving it.

CP Sketch #13

Cut out the flowers and attached them using double-sided tape to make them pop. Also added VersaMark Dazzle in frost to make the card sparkly.

One of the cards I love the most so far :)

Code : AAL0005
Status : Sold! (no repeat)
Price : RM 15



whoistracy said...

Oh I know how awful headaches can be- I suffer from migraines. And I also have low blood pressure, so I know what you're dealing with.

What a beautiful card. At least you were able to be creative today!

Thanks for playing along with us!

Marie said...

You did a fantastic job cutting out those flowers. You also did a great job with the card. Hope you start feeling better soon and so glad you joined us this week!

Tamaroo said...

very cool!

Quirky said...

Thanks ladies! :)