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Thursday, 28 May 2009

What a happy day!

and what a happy, happy day it is! :)

For a start, I was given this 'award' by fabricbutterfly to which now I have to share 10 honest things about myself to all of you. This is my very first award since I started this blog!! yippee!!

And secondly, my hubby is finally able to come home from work at a decent hour today. I have not seen him for the past few days. He reached home in the wee hours of the night and left before dawn breaks :( So, finally I'm able to see him and talk to him.... I know, how sad >.<

Ok. So, 10 honest things about me..hmmm....

1. I love paper/cloth bags and I collect them!! .... Not plastic ones, them I don't like.

2. I love coffee and I MUST get my daily dose in the morning. No, I don't become the Hulk or anything if I don't indulge in my coffee but I just must have caffeine coursing through my veins.

3. I love, love, l-u-r-v-e making cards.

4. And I also lurve buying paper, stamps, brads, well.... anything I can lay my hands on in a craft shop... I know, it's bad. My purse doesn't really like me going into a craft shop :P

5. Jesus is my teacher and it's not easy being His student. I fail many times and I'm still struggling to be more like Him in many, many aspects of my life.

6. I love bringing my colourful pens along with me everywhere I go -___-'''

7. I love my Moleskines.... all of them. I love the texture of the paper, especially those on the original Moleskines. The paper on the Cahiers just don't feel the same. Neither is it as smooth....hmmm.

8. I hate hypocrites. You like me, you say it so. You don't like, then say it so. Don't pretend.

9. I wish to strike the lottery so that I can have all the money I want to buy craft stuff and then make cards/scrapbook whole day without having to go to work!!! (unfortunately I don't buy... how to strike? :P )

10. I clean when I'm upset.

And that's my 10 honest facts :) and now I'll like to pass the award to.... (gosh, it's hard since I just started crafting and don't really know anyone...let's see);

Fi from my Crafty Spot
Kim from Angel at my Door
Vickilyn from Paper Hugs
Kristen from Kristens' Kards and Klay
Willow from Nature's Workshop
Rose from My Happy Place
Kristie from the Kristie Sessions

These are some of the lovely ladies who visited my blog before. I'm sorry I didn't link everyone who dropped by. Some day I will :)



willow said...

Wow thank you so much for this award, this is the second one of these I have recieved lately so I really must finish my list of 10 things and pass it on.


Rose said...

oh thanks so much for thinking of me :D I will add your name to the one I have posted on my sidebar :D

kristie sessions said...

Thank you for the award and thinking of me!! I am working on my 10 honest things and will post soon! I have had such a good time meeting so many wonderful people from 365, you are one of those!!! Thanks for making this hobby SO much fuN!

Dumitru Caruntu said...

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Kristen Hermanny said...

Thank you! Glad you are loving crafting and decided to blog about it.
Have a wonderful weekend!