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Monday, 13 July 2009


Anyone interested in a handmade journal? 10 leaves/20 pages, all in all :) Comes with a ribbon enclosure as well. Measures 5 by 4 inches. Could be custom-designed to suit your taste & needs :)

Anyhow, I actually got inspired to make this after watching one of Hero Art's videos. I seldom watch their videos because my internet line is kinda slow. It takes some time to load it and well, I am usually quite lazy to wait :P But I'm glad I watched the one with the travel journal!

I didn't use exactly the same technique (they used Hero Art's card and those are very expensive here). Instead, I hand-cut each piece that I want to use :) This is not acid-free, though. It's my first try and also, I think people will only bother to custom-make it with acid-free materials if they want to use this for keepsakes :)

I am quite pleased with it. There's room for improvement, I'm sure but I'm happy, nonetheless :)

Code : HJ0001
Status : Available!
Price : RM 22.00



~amy~ said...

Hey you...very pretty!

Quirky said...

Thanks Amy! :)

Regina said...

this turned out lovely! I fixed the links to the blog candies on my sidebar...thanks for letting me know I am bad about messing them up..lol