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Monday, 27 July 2009

Fruitful weekend

I went back to my hometown over the weekend. It was great bonding with my parents again. Well, isn't it always nice to meet up with our parents again? :) Not so much the same about siblings, but for parents, it's always great to see them again....

As always, I brought back whatever art supplies I could so that I can craft as well.... but the problem is that, there is no internet connection at my parents'. They don't really need it so they cancelled it a few months back. Perhaps it's time to get them re-connected to the world wide web :P

So I managed to complete 365 Cards challenges for the whole of last week but I could not upload the last 3 cards I made :( Actually I was late in completing the Saturday's one as well because I was already back in my hometown and did not have the access to view the challenge.... sigh. For the first time I 'managed' to complete the tasks... the internet is my barrier from submitting it... crap...

Anyway, I'm uploading them anyway and will be off to complete Sunday's Sketch and Monday's challenge. I hope to be able to complete this week's full set of challenges. Crossing my fingers and my toes :P

Day 145 - Ad Inspired

Code : AO0031
Status : Available!

Price : RM 5.90

Day 146 - Mirror Me

This one... I'm not sure if I got it right but here goes :P

Code : HB0027
Status : Sold!

Price : RM 14.90

Day 147 - Scraplift Saturday

I have always loved Amy's work! I'm scraplifting
this and made this one!

Code : HB0029
Status : Available!

Price : RM 14.90



~amy~ said...

Hey you...welcome back!!! I love your cards...gotta love the poms on the inspiration card and woot woot! Thanks for thinking of me on the Scraplift Saturday card....your take is gorgeous...that flourish is perfection!!!

Have a super week!!

Gloria Stengel said...

Fantastic. I love you lift. That card of Amy's is one of my favs too!

I understand you pain of having no internet and about siblings! We are visiting both extended families next week, after over 4 years of not seeing some and more than 8 years of not seeing some of my sibs...and no 'net....I hope I survive!