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Saturday, 4 July 2009

I love night time :)

I love the night. I mean, I love daytime too but I love the night for it's lower temperature :) Well, I actually wish I don't have to sleep cos sleep is wasting time! Then I will be able to have all the time to craft after work. I wish I can quit and just craft but I can't.... unfortunately I need $$ to pay for utilities and buy more art supplies!! :)

So, okay. I've been slacking a lot lately. Haven't really had the time to complete a lot of challenges so I'm actually glad that I managed to complete 2 cards tonight.

Day 126 'Show your true colours' over at 365 Cards is all about patriotism as they are celebrating 4th July over in the U.S :) Happy 4th of July, people! And they encourage that we use colours from our home country's flag on our card so, here's mine. I'm from Malaysia and we have one extra colour compared to the U.S flag ---> yellow! So, it's white, red, blue and yellow for my card! :)

Code : AO0020
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90

And here's another 'belated' card challenge from 365 Card's Day 124 'DIY:Computer Generated'. In this challenge, we are asked to create something, anything for our card using the computer. It can be an image, a sentiment, anything you can think of.

Well, I'm not that great with the computer. I printed out my sentiment... hehe... I think that qualifies as well :P

Code : AO0019
Status : Available!
Price : RM 13.90

Am gonna spend time with the Hubby now :) I've been crafting the whole night :P



Anonymous said...

Haha... I can relate about the night time. I tend to craft at night - usually late. It's just a drag that i have to go to sleep and wake up for the day job. If i can craft the whole night til the next morning, I would :) maybe one day...

btw, noticed that you've been so productive. Cool! :) Keep it up!

Quirky said...

Hey Andrea,
Thanks for dropping by :) Haven't seen any of your crafts before. What do you do actually? :)

Hope to see your works soon! :)

~amy~ said...

Hey you...great cards...really love your DIY one!!!! Happy Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I used to put up my crafts on a blog before. then it was taken down recently. moving to a new place soon :) I make felt toys, accessories, purses, etc... and sometimes does jewelry. All handsewn :)