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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

"Yum Cha"

Just came back from a yum cha session with my cousins :) For those not in the know, 'yum cha' is like going out for coffee or drinks. It's a term loosely used by Malaysians and perhaps Singaporeans as well (not too sure about this).

More often than not, it's just a gathering of people over some drinks (non-alcoholic), chatting the night away :) Over here in Malaysia, there's still a lot of activities going on at night. We still have many eateries and 'mamak' (Indian Muslim) stalls open, serving local delicacies to western delights!

And since it's already so late into the night and I have to work tomorrow, here's a picture of a custom made card a customer requested for her best friend :) We liaised through emails and I came up with this, following her requirements :)

Her best friend loves the colour purple and heart shapes! There's actually watermark damask designs on the card and I layered the inside with lavender coloured paper with watermark damask as well! It dazzles a little cos I used Versamark dazzle :)



~amy~ said...

yum cha...I like that :) I'll have to remember that....

Sweet card...love the flowers and the hearts!

Quirky said...

yes, yum cha :D

Too bad you're in the U.S and I'm in Malaysia, if not, we could meet up for yum cha too! :D

Ann said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! Love your sweet card--the flowers are great!

Amelia said...

hey can i order one of this. and can i also request custom-made cards? a 21st birthday for my lil bro and an arrival of a baby boy.